Execution is everything!

I’ve talked in detail about hustle porn and how delusional can it get after some time (without any offense to GaryVee, of course, he wouldn’t give a shit but still…). Like it or not, the millions of fans that Gary has like him for the motivational messages he shares on a daily basis. It just feels good! You get pumped, excited and are amped to take on this world! And then, you walk into your office…

Heck, I once had a coaching client who wanted to BE LIKE GARY! Took me a good solid couple of sessions to create a level of awareness that made him realize that:

  1. Becoming someone else may not be the most ideal goal for him
  2. Becoming GaryVee was more hard work!

As humans, we have the tendency to believe what we see. For the youth out there, who want to make a mark, they admire and desire Gary’s lifestyle. Not the work that he’s putting in. That is sad. How do I know this? Because my client and I did dwell deep to explore why it’s so hard to be GaryVee. And it’s this — Gary focuses on execution. Period.

He has the means, resources, and the right people to support whatever he’s doing. You don’t have any of that. Hell, even Gary started with a tiny audience when he started WineLibraryTV on YouTube. Be he kept showing up! For close to a 1,000 episodes! And guess what, the videos weren’t perfect. He just didn’t care. The agenda was to share what he knew with the audience. And that’s all that mattered to him. Now that’s hustling. For real!

I read Ryan Sprance’s story on Medium where he documents his journey to gain more than 50 million + followers following Gary’s advice. One heck of a testimony of what meaningful content, just the right hustle and doing the work can do for you.

At the end of the day, there will always be a difference between what you’d planned and what you’d done. And irrespective of your grand plans, you’ll only be judged (by the rest of the world and your own conscience) by what you got done.

Execution, my friend, is the only thing that matters.

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