Life is simple…

… we intend to make it complicated, said the great Confucious.

And I’ll be the first in line to back the statement up. Take a look around you. What do you see? Complicated stuff. Everywhere! Life was so much simpler a few years back (even a decade back).

Now I analyze my life quite often. At times, more than the average person would (or should) care about. I guess I’ve got my own reasons for that. But of late, I’ve come to realize that my life’s got its own set of complications, despite that I care so much about simplicity and minimalism.

Let me give you examples:

  1. My desk’s a mess.
  2. My planner/to-do lists/project management tool/Google Drive/Dropbox looks like an overworked garbage service. I literally have to sort through things one some days. And I make a fresh list just for that!
  3. My book shelf’s unorganized. My wife did a great job of transferring books from the store to the shelves in the library. It’s just that they’re literally all over the place. She did promise to help me “sort it out” though.
  4. Speaking of books — I’m reading like 11 books right now, 3 video courses, a couple of ebooks that I have to read… and each night I whine about why I wasn’t able to read more (or worse — I wish I had more time)
  5. My inbox is overloaded with client requests, random emails from strangers, promotional emails and what not.
  6. My marketing funnel used to be simple until it wasn’t.
  7. My sales funnel was damn simple. The marketing funnel ruined it!
  8. My swipe file… has three different versions of it. And I don’t know which ones to use.

I could go on, but I think you got the point.

It’s us. We make it complicated. But is that the end of the world? Nope. It’s just the beginning. A chance to undo what we’ve done. It doesn’t happen on its own. We need to make an effort to give ourselves some time to think, plan and do.

Although the scenarios above are uniquely mine, I’m sure you can relate to them. Because I know you’ve got your own “messes” to sort through. And that’s okay.

Everyone has them. A few admit it. The others are way too busy creating more of them until their fucking life is a mess. And then, just then, perhaps someone would share this post to them.

If you’re that person, let me tell you this: it’s OKAY. Just undo the mess one at a time.


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