Why 5s for strength?

If you’ve ever wondered why we powerlifters do so much less (as in 1-5 reps compared to 12-20 reps that gym bros and sistas)… sharing a couple of explanations that run deep.

This one is theoretical, I know, but Brent does a great job in actually educating you why Fives (not just 3 sets of 5, but even 5×5 or 6×5 or even 8×5… you’ll be fried if you end up doing that though) actually work.

Here’s a practical explanation for the masses:


Research (for the past sixty years) has been pretty clear: 15-25 reps is all you need for strength, hypertrophy, and power. And that’s not the reps in one set but all the sets combined.

Sure, you may be into “definition” or getting that 3D muscle look but for the average person or someone who doesn’t really have the time to get jacked, strength has to be a priority. And that’s why 5s work. They’re practical and proven.

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