The Educated vs Smart

Found this gem while browsing Rich Litvin’s website. Here’s how Dave Trott draws the distinction between educated people and smart people:

“Educated people learn answers.
Smart people invent answers.
Educated people satisfy examiners.
Smart people bypass examiners.
Educated people stick to the curriculum.
Smart people go off piste.
Educated people have degrees.
Smart people have achievements.
Educated people fit in.
Smart people stand out.
Educated people look for the right answer.
Smart people look for the exciting answer.”

Fascinating, right? Read Rich’s post on The problem with smart leaders & the power of dumb questions for more insights. You’ll be blown away!

Want more? Check out Rich’s masterclass on Fearless Coaching.

I’m his brand new fan! And listening to this recording for the third time. Absolutely worth the time!

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