The content marketing process… explained!

This is a supercool find! A content marketing process… from start to finish*. Everything that you (or your colleague/friend/parents/spouse/whoever) wanted to know in an infographic format by the good folks at BuzzSumo. Check it out here:


Here’s how it can make sense for you…

  • If you work alone on projects, this process might help you plan enough time for each step and avoid getting bogged down somewhere in the middle.
  • If you work with a large team, it might help you to better understand what your colleagues (SN:or your colleague/friend/parents/spouse/whoever) do.

BuzzSumo, Content Marketing Process Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

*Listen, I know it isn’t as exhaustive as you would have liked it but it’s useful nonetheless to know what a typical content marketing process looks and functions like. And you and I know, that’s a great start!

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