Guess who’s making the most money these days?

I remember buying my first information product. It was a copywriting course for $99 (or something like that, from what I can remember it was probably more… but I’m not sure) from one of the pioneers in the business. The course promised to transform my life and business (which I didn’t have) in just 90 days!

And then… crickets! Nothing happened. Sure, I didn’t do half of the “business building” homework that was part of the assignment. Purely because I didn’t believe it made sense to what I was planning to do. Did it make me a better writer? I’m not sure, but I sure came to know more about the “mechanics” of writing compelling copy. Something which I have thoughtfully passed on to up and coming writers whom I thought could benefit.

Nonetheless, that wasn’t my only info-product purchase. I spent thousands of dollars in other (both related and unrelated) products that promised a boatload of cash and a lifestyle that’ll allow me to spend the rest of the days on a beach. None of which happened. And I did fully commit myself to some of those programs.

I downloaded a few more products the other day (from one of my buddies, who graciously saved me some serious money) to evaluation. I gotta say this — I was blown away with the quality of some of these courses that go over $5,000… pure crap! And that’s an understatement!

The content is far from being valuable. It’s sub-standard and doesn’t make any sense to someone who wants to invest time and money to build a legitimate business. I couldn’t help but think this — the only people raking the moolah right now are the ones who’re making these products! Not the ones who’re investing.

All you need to do is batch a few video sessions with a few PDFs that don’t have to talk sense and that’s it! You’ve got a product! Heck, there are folks you’re selling “how to make your first info-product” as a product! Ain’t that meta?

It’s craziness for lord’s sake!

I think we ought to snap out of the notion of becoming a moonlighting millionaire or a high-flying entrepreneur. Because the shortcuts don’t work. I’m cocksure, Sir Richard Branson wouldn’t be making an info-product that’ll give you the “blueprint” for success. The shortcuts didn’t make him what he is. Hard work, grit and determination did.

And I’m not discounting the work that you have to put in while building an online business. It’s almost as hard as a traditional business. Perhaps more, in some cases. My argument is more around falling in the web of these dreams spun by internet marketers. You’re better off focusing on your key strengths or perhaps investing time and money to build up a skill that will give you a solid foundation.

Scaling up on a rock-solid foundation is more fun than dreaming of those millions without a base.

Feel free to ignore this. It’s your money after all.

As for me, I’m (almost) done with spending a dime on info-products. If something really legit comes along, I would sense it. But then, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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