Metrics that every marketing manager should care about

I’ve been going back and forth to this piece the whole day. A compelling read and something everyone in marketing (not just the managers) should carefully study.

Let me promise you one thing — your marketing game will change the minute you decide to seriously consider data and patterns (as laid out in this piece). Your campaigns will be more successful (as in more profitable) and you will be able to spell out the true ROI for the marketing budgets/spends.

Online marketing genius, Neil Patel suggests the following metrics worth tracking:

  1. Average order value
  2. Customer lifetime value
  3. Sales conversions
  4. Cart abandonment rates
  5. Revenue by reference source
  6. Social media engagement
  7. Email open rates
  8. CTA click-through rates
  9. Customer acquisition cost
  10. Keywords that drive traffic
  11. ROI of influencer campaigns

Note that the metrics above may not be (full) applicable for a professional service-based business. But if you do have an online presence and would like to consider (or already are working on) creating digital products, this is a goldmine!

Read the whole scoop at QuickSprout.

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