You can’t do it all

If you’re thinking this post is about productivity, you’re probably right.

Emphasis on “probably” because being able to “do it all” goes beyond making the right choices or getting things done. I would even argue that productivity isn’t about the number of hours you spend doing “useful stuff” anymore.

Productivity is a mindset. It’s your ability to make the right choices to help you create those white spaces that enable you to have more focus, accomplish more, and most importantly give you peace of mind.

I’ve learned first hand that stuffing in 25 tasks for a single day simply means that I haven’t a clue what’s the most important to me. Just like I learned how controlling my expenses and getting a grip on my finances meant understanding what I really didn’t need in life. Or even better — what could I really live without? The answer wasn’t just startling but also life-changing.  

Heck, being a solopreneur taught me to not even try every documented (in books, websites, and other resources) tactic and strategy to get more leads, close more deals and enjoy my life at the same time. I had to nail down my priorities, which meant figuring out what exactly is the most effective strategy that would give me results. 

I even had a moment where I decided to drop a couple of projects to stay focused on the most important priorities in my life. And yes, I just mind do it again later this year. 

Purging distractions should be your biggest priority. And both you and I know, distractions come in many shapes, sizes and forms. That could mean dropping some of your most cherished projects or even worse, eliminating some of the bad influences you have in life. 

And it’s not easy. I know. 

But either you or your distractions can rule your life. Not both. 

One of my mentors said it the best, “at the end of the day, it all boils down to your priorities.” 

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