Any given Sunday!

Hand me a list and I’ll get to work. Today wasn’t any different.

I should ideally be happy. The day was super productive… But it’s almost midnight and I miss my kids. They’re fast asleep.

Of course, I’ll catch up with them tomorrow but that’s not the point. The challenge with all us hustlers is that we lose track of time, space and even our loved ones.

Do they deserve it? No.

Besides reflecting and journaling about my failure as someone who deeply cares about his family, I need to be more mindful about the time I’m working on weekends and my dayoffs.

I think entrepreneurs and high impact leaders (particularly the workaholic kind) should schedule in family time in their calendars. It’ll help us set just the right expectations while planning our days and keeping our families happy.

I’m planning a trip to the zoo next Sunday. The kids deserve it. And so do I (guess).

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