That priceless feeling!

I’ve spent more than half of my life challenging the norms, fighting the status quo (in a way) and bending the rules to just be satisfied with whatever I was doing. And I thought that’s what life is all about — either follow the rules or create new ones, by bending them.

Despite the insignificant (in other people’s opinion) successes I’ve had, I had always felt something was missing. So, I began searching for that thing which could fill this gap. Kept looking but couldn’t find anything worthwhile.

Or so I thought.

Along the years I picked up a dozen skills ranging from writing, editing, photography, speaking, (speed) reading, philosophy, literature, marketing and communications, content marketing, email marketing, psychology, coaching, change management, leadership and most importantly my own strengths as a person.

If you’re impressed. Save it. Because I didn’t have a clue what to do with all these skills. I would’ve been the perfect lead for the movie “The man who knew too much”! It just wasn’t good enough.

Or so I thought.

Thankfully, others didn’t. Particularly the ones who believed in me and what I could do for them. And it wasn’t long before I started to coach more people, helping them overcome major hurdles in their lives and make significant progress, while also helped a few transform their lives completely.

This morning while listening to a podcast, I had this epiphany… blessed indeed are those who know exactly what they’re meant to do in life. Aren’t they? Because the ones who know are the ones who are able to fulfil their life’s mission, which more often than not is to make a difference in the lives around them.

Sure, they took their time to figure it out. They made a lot of mistakes along the way. They broke promises, someone’s trust and faith too. But they kept trying until they figure out what they were put on this earth for.

And that my friend is just priceless!

I was born to lead and serve. It doesn’t have anything to do with the title that I have nor the accolades or the skillset I have… but everything to do with my intent to serve people and leaders who want to be more intentional about their lives and leadership.

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