Be what you want to be…

… just don’t blame others/circumstances/your parents/fate/office politics/the economy if things aren’t working out for you. And that’s not assuming things are always going to be bad. Absolutely not.

What I’m suggesting, however, is that you need to own your shit because nobody else is going to do it for you.

What peeves me the most is people’s reaction to the ups and downs of life when they’re going through a process, such as career transitions (climbing up the ladder or across the ladders), building up a business, hustling on the side or even hunting for a new job! You have to be patient, resilient and forgiving of yourself.

The problem is with our expectations. We expect too much. And when your expectations don’t match reality, things become stress. Which is when you give up and blame everyone and everything under the sun but yourself. I believe that’s a wrong way to look at things.

Right now, right this very moment, you have the choice to absolutely change the course of your career with just one minor tweak. That’s all it takes to transform careers, lives and the world. But you’ve got to have the right perspective for any meaningful change to happen.

The real question is this — when would you finally get out of your own way to be what you want to be?

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