How to start a 6-figure business

If you see this headline anywhere on the interwebs, run for your life! I mean, literally. If you can’t, be prepared to be swooned away by a compelling copy that will make you pull your credit card out of your wallet and pay.

If you’re the cautious kind, you’ll explore payment options and see if there’s a money-back guarantee. If you’re like me (or how I used to be, for accuracy’s sake), you’ll just buy the damn thing.

The next 48 hours you’ll review the whole course (most likely a video course with a bunch of swankily designed PDFs) and be disappointed. You’ll fire up your email and send a request for refund. Wait for another 48 hours to get your money back where it belongs.

Or perhaps, you’ll just whine about the fact that you made a mistake and swear not to repeat it ever again. Money down the drain.

Listen, the internet is chockfull of articles, courses and sales pages that will promise you the moon. Don’t fall for them. And you better fucking listen to me loud and clear — no matter what shortcuts you apply, there’s no way you’ll get around to good old hard work.

The fact that you’re even reading this post means that you’re expecting me to give away a golden nugget that will make you a millionaire. Bad news. I don’t have a secret. Nor does that dude who shared his video while driving a Lamborghini! I’m cocksure he busted his ass to get to where he is right now.

I hate internet marketers for ruining our hopes and dreams! Fellas, the RESULTS AREN’T TYPICAL. THEY NEVER ARE! The problem with stupid marketers is that they’re selling false dreams to people who don’t want to work hard. Trust me when I say this, that “drop-shipping millionaire” course that you just purchased maybe promising you financial freedom, but you’ve got to work for it.

You see, there’s a reason why failure rates are way too high. Getting successful is fucking hard work! Quit trying and testing out new things hoping one of these days something would click. Nothing would. You have to get your priorities straight, pick the damned thing you want to do and just fucking do it!

Stop worrying about a 6-figure income for christ sake! Focus on the first 60, then 600 and then 6,000… the rest will come, when the time is right. And I know you hate to hear that but I can sell you some bullshit or give you the truth.

The millions can wait my friend. What you need the most right now isn’t money, it’s patience. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it online or offline. You’ll need to trade in some time for reflection and get a perspective. That’s what you really need right now.

The hustle is pure hard work. And that’s not cool. But painful!

(Damn, that rhymed!?)

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