How to make it big after getting fired…

I’ve been fired twice over a span of 16+ years. And finding another job has been least of my problems. Here’s why — I don’t ever assume that things are going to get better at my next job. I know that I’ll have to prove myself to be a worthy contender among the hundred others who’re applying and who’re probably better than me.

And let me tell you a secret — it’s the easiest to start at the bottom (provided you have the option to grow faster, get your documentation in order before signing up) or perhaps a rung below compared to starting at the same or a higher level.

I know this sounds outright scary or even ridiculous but it works. Almost at all times.

Of course, it’s going to take some time and it won’t be easy but if you’re willing to work hard for it, you’re going to get to the top. And nothing’s going to stop you from doing that.

Trust me, I’ve done that twice. And I’m mentally prepared to do it several times over until my light runs out. I love the thrill of it! The process of starting out as an underdog and working my way to the top is an experience that reminds us to appreciate the power of the human spirit.

It’s magical to say the least.

So, if you’ve been on the fence to jump the ship (your current job) just do it! Find an opportunity that’ll give you the skills and chops to grow and develop into that professional you’ve always wanted to be. The cost (payout and time) is totally worth it!

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