Speaking in front of a camera isn’t really public speaking

Though it’s almost as intimidating as delivering a message in front of real eyeballs! Without a doubt, the dynamics of speaking in front of a camera are quite similar to speaking in front of an actual audience but they’re still not the same. And they can’t ever be… unless you’re speaking in front of a camera and it’s being streamed live!

No, I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill but it surely offends me when someone walks up to me and says they’ve been speaking in public for the past several weeks. Upon inquiry, I realised this person was talking about the 2 minute videos he’s been uploading. After spending close to an hour editing each of those uploads!

Let’s just get real about this. Facing an audience (in-person or live through the camera) is intimidating because you’re counting on your skills, persona and content. And of course, you don’t have an editing software to chop out the goof-ups or fillers. Essentially, you’re in total control of your environment. That’s why recorded webinars and programs are so much more popular (and available) than live webinars.

When you’re live, you really need to go with the flow, be in control of your message and emotions while ensuring a great connection with the audience. And that is virtually non-existent in the online world (not talking about live streams). Relying on stats will just make you delusional.

Let me make one thing very clear — I quite like it when people push themselves to go beyond their comfort zone. But I would appreciate if they can at least get real about what they do.

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