How much is too much?

Is a lame but critically important question. It can drive those highly self-aware people, creatives, philosophers and your mom crazy! The real challenge is that there isn’t a metric that would quantify or validate if you’re reached “enough” or “too much.” You simply feel it in the gut or have an intuition and that’s basically it!

The irony is dwelling into it after having arrived at the question, leading to overanalysing and/or overcomplicating the situation. And both are bad for you.

A simple theory that makes sense to me is this:

  1. If you’re thinking about it, you’ve already gone overboard and should stop.
  2. If you’re not thinking about it, you haven’t done enough and should probably keep going.

I know it’s so damn obvious. But the key is to remember it when you’re going into an infinite regression.

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