The timid me…

Isn’t sure if he will be able to cope up, keep up and show up everyday (here or elsewhere).

Is afraid of sharing his thoughts due to his insecurities ranging from “what would they think of me” to “I don’t think I have anything great to say” and everything in between.

Wants to “know it all” so that people think he’s smart, educated and packs a punch.

Wants to be liked and tries hard to please people who don’t even care about him.

Always hopes that “someday” he’ll be so much better than what he is right now.

Has a well-developed degree of the “imposter syndrome.” And it’s at its heightened best when he gets on the stage to speak or motivate an audience, coaches someone struggling with almost the same personal issues or when people trust him to advice them on some of their biggest obstacles and challenges in life.

… but despite all that timidness, I’d do whatever it takes to bring out the best in me and serve the ones who believe in me. And that includes you and my loved ones.

Thank you for being there.

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