The last mile is the hardest one

And I know that to be true despite not being a marathoner (or do anything that remotely resembles running)! Some of you know that I challenged myself to blog everyday at the start of this year. And yes, I’ve done pretty well by not missing a single day.

That said, December has’t been pretty. I somewhat struggled the whole month to come up with observations worth talking. It felt like January earlier this year when each day I questioned, “alright, what do I write about today?” And that’s quite strange considering I blogged without even thinking much for 10 straight months. I guess my subconscious knows what I’m really up to and is testing my limits or just making me hyperaware that I’m close to achieving something that most people quit before they can even say quit.


They say the hardest part of a marathon or an ultra-marathon is the last mile (or miles). You’re pushing harder, reminding yourself what you set out to do, emotionally unbalanced and physiologically drained. Yet you keep on keeping on because you want to finish the run. Officially at least. And the next day, you go out for another run and then another and then another until you’re either dead or you knees give in.

I guess that pretty much sums up what writing is to me. I think I used to be pretty good writing back in my high school and college days (my teachers would vouch for that — but I’ve got nothing to show for, dang!). Some think I still am. But I’m not convinced and that’s what got me to self-impose this challenge in the first place. And I realized that I missed writing daily, something I so much loved back in high school.

Of course, I still wouldn’t consider myself a writer. I’m a communicator who can converse, facilitate and solve problems. That’s who I am. And I swear I did’t have this clarity when I started this challenge. I guess, writing everyday did make me better. Can’t say this is typical but for me going back to my roots sure helped.

Onwards to finishing this race officially and then, I’ll just go for another run, and then another until my time runs out.

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