Can my business thrive without social media?

It’s a powerful question. One of my favourites because I still can’t answer it convincingly. Do all business have to be on social media? I’m not sure. Can some businesses thrive without social media? I’d say, hell yeah!

Now, I’m not saying you should avoid the internet. That’ll be stupid. Come on! What I’m suggesting is perhaps social media shouldn’t be the only aspect determining your business’ future. Think of this as a thought experiment.

When it comes to the core focus areas of a businessperson, it should always be their product and/or service. And I believe close to 80% of the time (especially if it’s a small business) should be spent in honing and refining them. The rest of the time can be utilised for these:

  1. Create in-depth highly valuable educational content and put up on your website’s blog.
  2. Implement high-level SEO tactics so that people can find you via search.
  3. Develop content for free educational workshops and webinars. Promote it banner ads on your website and good old email marketing. Use Google Ads and online event platforms to promote these events.
  4. Rinse and repeat

I know what you’re thinking. This can’t be true! No business is ever going to survive with such limited exposure, right? Well, perhaps, but I believe business across decades have thrived without the technology and convenience that we’re blessed with. Imagine what all can you be doing with it!

The four steps above look overly simplistic but I think it’s going to give you the maximum bang for the buck. If you’re a business professional, know that the only way to survive using the model above is to make your product that damn good! Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ll be honest — I quite like the plan and will be implementing it in the first quarter of 2019. Would you try to risk running it? It sure is worth a try! 😉

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