Getting to world-class is useless!

Because everyone wants to be the best in the world but nobody wants to do anything about it. Why? I don’t know why perhaps everyone likes to dream? Or it’s just easier said than done and people seem to have accepted it.

Sure everyone’s entitled to their lives and the choices they make, if only they were happy with them. Are they? Are you? If yes, great! More power to you! If not, well, let’s face the truth — no amount of hoping is going to get you any near to your dreams. Unless you actually choose to do something about it.

I wrote this in my journal a few minutes back while reflecting on the 3 life lessons from 2018:

The only way to become successful at any endeavour requires one to “do the behaviours” than hoping for it.

I’ve been guilty of it myself. Hoping, thinking and dreaming too much. Heck, I even got addicted to “strategizing” thinking it’ll help me get to my goals faster. It didn’t. In fact, the more I mulled over it, the more I realized how further I was getting from my success. Why? Because I wasn’t doing anything about it.

I realized that if I have to walk my talk I will have to do-the-behaviors. Popularized by the legendary sales coach and trainer, David Sandler, doing-the-behavior simply means etching out those daily set of actions one needs to do to get closer to goals.

This simple shift turned the tide for me. Quite literally. I began doing those behaviors every day. There were hits and misses but less of them. The best part was that sense of momentum and accomplishment that I so desperately needed to feel like a success. (Some people know how much I hate that word… not that anything’s wrong with it but it has been gravely overused and abused!)

Becoming world-class in anything requires you to stay committed not to your goals and vision but to your actions. And David Sandler said it the best, “do-the-behaviors, do-the-behaviors, do-the-behaviors” every single day.

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