Confessions of a lazy shopper

Listen, I can’t shop. Not even for my wife or kids! Let alone anyone else. You know how I struggle to choose a gift for anyone, don’t you? At this stage in life, I think I just can’t be bothered with wasting time for anyone else. Even out of love!

There is just way (waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!) too much to consider! And I’m not even talking about choosing the most appropriate gift! The sheer amount of options you get inside a multi-brand showroom drives me nuts!

Let’s not forget about the salesperson who’s trying his best to be helpful but ends up being seen as the Devil’s advocate. In some cases, the Devil himself! You know what happens next… we end up returning the article. That damn article you bought after investing 45 minutes of your life to listen (suggestions, recommendations, opinions), compare, try and even argue with yourself (should I buy it or try something else from that store across the aisle)?

Is it even worth it? I’m not sure.

I believe online shopping has made everyone’s life easy. Sure, you won’t experience the real thing (wasting 45-500 minutes of your life listening, comparing, trying, arguing and critiquing) but you have the peace of mind to place an order and get done with. Unless, of course, you’re doing this with one of your family members or friends.

Heck, booking a movie ticket and choosing the best seats is a pain in the butt. Ordering clothes or a gift article is even worse!

I’ve instituted a policy at home. Serve yourself. I don’t shop for the kids. My wife does it for them and herself. I do my own shopping. And when we’re dining out, I select the restaurants (unless there’s a recommendation in place already) and we go. Period.

It has been working well for now. But I’m sure this isn’t a permanent setup. The kids are gonna grow up and would definitely want me to tag along when they want to shop for something. I need to figure an escape plan before that.

How best can I be with them and still escape the drudgery of shopping? I’m not sure. It’s a work in progress. I’ll keep you posted.

Alas, that’s life!

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