Commitment to mastery

It’s idealistic. Pragmatists and the know-it-alls hate it. And ironically, professionals think it’s a waste of time as well since they’re busy playing either catch-up with the trends. Folks at your workplace don’t give a damn about your commitment to mastery. The loving souls at your home just don’t get (and are terribly worried) about your obsession with it. Your friends don’t call you anymore.

That, my friend, is the price that you pay for committing to excellence.

It’s funny when people get curious about your plans and wonder how long would you go on before you break. Some worry that you would probably overwork yourself to death since they can’t see any results.

Here’s a consolation — you do have the option to leave this path right now. Yeah, you do. Go on and settle for something less strenuous, secure, consistent, predictable, balanced and has its own perks. Go out for a round of drinks with your friends or parties and family functions with your loved ones. You deserve that. Save enough for your retirement and leave plenty for your kids when you die.

But if you want to live a great life and leave a rich legacy, you have to do what most people don’t want to. We confuse living a great life for the riches to splurge as and when we please when in reality the wealthiest on the planet live frugally. And legacy doesn’t have anything to do with leaving plenty of cash and real estate for your kids and grandkids. No. It’s about living a life lived to the greatest potential that you could’ve possibly lived.

Committing to mastery or excellence (they mean the same to me) is a monster of an ultramarathon. It’s not a sprint that you can get through in 10 seconds. Only the strong — mentally, physically and spiritually — survive. And you can develop that strength and endurance to not only run but win that ultramarathon.

How? There are tactics, strategies and models that you can use to transform each and every aspect of your life. It takes courage, discipline, humility and lots of patience to get to excellence. Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts. If there were any, everyone would have done it!

For now, just remember this — if you’re still wondering if you’re there yet, just keep going. You’ve got miles to go before the journey even begins.

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