The ultimate #10yearchallenge

It’s all over the interwebs right now. You’ve probably seen it or are participating in it or might have at least thought about it over the past few days. The #10yearchallenge is the first of the many viral crazes of 2019. There will be many more.

Watching our favourite celebrities, close friends and family members posting their before and after pictures did prompt me dig up my Google Photos archives. Just to check if there’s been any significant change at all. Besides being at least 10 kilos (22.5 lbs) lighter, a nice shade of salt and pepper on my head, and a much more confident smile, I’m quite the same person.

But the exercise also prompted another question — besides the physical appearance, how much have I really changed. The answer was quite staggering — a whole lot! Some of these would include:

  1. I’m physically at least twice stronger
  2. I’m much calmer, mature, and loving as a person (thank you my little munchkins!)
  3. I am much aware of the values that drive me
  4. I know my strengths and put them to good use
  5. I’ve learned that serving is leading
  6. I am purposeful and a meaningful specific
  7. My true calling is to help and serve other leaders to change their world

Didn’t realise digging up a bunch of photographs can be a powerful exercise in self-reflection. The list literally gave me goosebumps.

But come to think of it — we barely take out time to assess or review how far have we come. Sure, the monthly, quarter and yearly goals take account for the year but how often have we gone back so far to reflect on how have we grown?

That’s meta! But it’s definitely worth a shot, isn’t it? Trust me, it’ll be much more valuable than posting those pictures online. Trust me.

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