If it’s important, do it everyday

It’s a phrase that has stuck with me forever. Though I can’t quite place where or from whom I’d heard it. Nonetheless, like all truths this is difficult to swallow.

As a culture, we’ve become addicted to instant gratification, quick fixes and the “once-and-for-all” type of thinking. If we have a challenge, we would rather prefer to buy an app that does away with the problem than waste time finding the root cause.

We want shortcuts to success. That’s why “personal development” and “Mastering Facebook/Instagram Ads” programs sell like hot cakes. Everyone wants to know the shortcut to making big bucks. By just investing a few hours 3-days-a-week for just about a month!

I see people in the gym squatting once a week and expect strength and muscle gain. Only to be disappointed and turn to testosterone boosters or anabolic steroids for “gains.”


I may have mentioned this before but it’s bear repeating. You’ve got to put in the reps. A lot of them. And most importantly, you’ve got to do them everyday if you want to master something or just gain some raw strength.

The process remains the same.

Want to get stronger or better at the squat, bench or the deadlift? Well, do it everyday. At least the lift that you want to truly master or improve on. I squatted, benched and deadlifted everyday for the first 45 days after my surgery and rehab. And I’m back where I’d left the gym before going under the knife.

Want to master a habit? Practice it everyday. I want to master how the art of living like a frugal millionaire. I keep track of my spendings and ask myself if I invested money on a “want” or a “need.” Every day. Have been for the past couple of years. I’m not a millionaire but I care about becoming one either. It’s the process that I enjoy the most.

Want to be world class at what you do? Do it everyday. Not 3-days-a-week or during the weeks. Every freaking day. I want to master my craft (coaching and consulting) so I read, study and apply what I learn to get better at thinking, analysis, sales, marketing and leadership. Everyday. Without fail. Come hell or high water.

Think about the most important relationships in your life — parents, spouse/partner/that special one, friends or your kids. If you love them, won’t you let them know everyday?

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