A quiet professional

One of the tenets of StrongFirst, the organization I’m a part of, is that the graduates of its flagship certification programs (I was honored to be part of two of them) are quiet professionals. At first, I didn’t get it. It even sounded a little cheesy to be honest.

This weekend, however, it became absolutely clear as to why being a “quiet professional” matters — because it is not about our accomplishments but how we use our knowledge and skills to enable others to live healthier and stronger lives. We don’t scream, shout or brag about our titles, offerings and accomplishments on socials. We choose to work behind the curtains and help our clients every step of the way to show up and deliver an outstanding performance on the life’s stage.

And it definitely is not about our track record of transforming lives. We don’t keep a count of that. Instead, we use our experiences with our past clients to build a better future for our existing and incumbent clients.

Right there lies our greatest satisfaction for choosing a professional that supports and empower the ones around us. We commit to being the “unsung heroes” who are so much capable but deeply know that it’s never about them but the lives they touch.

This principle, of course, doesn’t restrict itself to just strength and conditioning professionals but every support professional you can imagine. From a marketer (helping organizations and brands) to being a leader to an executive coach, we’re all essentially quiet professionals committed to making an impact.

Yes, we may all do this from behind the curtains where the world wouldn’t bother to look. Why? Because there’s so much satisfaction in building champions than just being one.

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