Don’t be a snowflake, be a stoic

Found this fascinating read on It speaks to me personally as I do get to interact with a lot of (special) snowflakes every now and then. And although I’m far from being a true stoic, the philosophy is what I often default to. But like any other practitioner, I’m still learning and there’s so much to learn!

Snowflakes, whether they are on the left or the right, are miserable because they need the world to be a certain way–their way. They are constantly at risk of being upset and disturbed because someone else–someone with views different than their own–has the power to say or do or think for themselves. A Stoic, on the other hand, is open-minded and content to let others live and think as they wish. Not only that, but they relish the opportunity to have their own views challenged, because they know they grow stronger for it. 

Don’t be a snowflake. Be a Stoic.

Don’t be a snowflake.

Do you know of any snowflakes in your life? If you do, pass on this wonderful read. It just might make them think.

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