Live by the sword, die by the sword

You probably do. Particularly if you have a point of view (PoV) in this fast-paced world. Not suggesting you shouldn’t have one, just that your PoV should evolve with the changing times. And that could be as soon as a few days or weeks or months or perhaps years in some cases. It just can’t go on forever.

Let’s be honest — a PoV is neither a value or a universal principle. It’s just a point of view. Of course, ‘your’ point of view, which makes it important enough to be heard at least once. Or perhaps a hundred times. But at some point you need to realise that a major chunk of PoVs (and everyone’s got one) seldom provide any value.

Sure, some of them have even turned into books, speeches, and whatnots. That may sound like an idea of success but I think of it as a great strategy to look “successful.” Because the ideas/PoVs seldom last. They have a short shelf life and can’t possibly endure the trends let alone the times. And clinging onto these accidental successes is what ruins most of us.

I believe our PoVs should evolve with the changing times. For example:

  • If you’ve been a Masculist or a Feminist, be an evolved one.
  • If you’ve been an extremist, become an evolved extremist.
  • If you’ve been a writer, become an evolved writer.
  • If you’ve been a politician, become an evolved political leader.

I know this shouldn’t even be a concern to rant about, but it kills me to listen to the “same old same old” that doesn’t even matter anymore. Nobody’s listening! It’s like living in black and white in the age of Instagram filters. Come on!

Your PoV may be the sharpest sword in your opinion but using it too often isn’t going to turn it into Valyrian steel. It’ll just make it blunter. And that’ll be so useless. And living or dying by this sword is totally optional.

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