Being ‘loose’ on your commitments

I can fathom only two reactions from that headline — yours and the one that you don’t approve.

Let’s be honest — we’ve all got an opinion or two about commitments. Some are sticklers. Some have a lot of flexibility built into their conscience, so much so that they conveniently forget about it. Others just don’t care. Until they’re on the receiving end.

My view on commitments are limited and have been simple to follow all these years:

  1. If you’ve made it — follow through. At all times. It doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends, or relatives. You made it, so keep it. Period.
  2. If you’re in a jam and want out, say so. Overcommunication is the only antidote for a commitment that was compromised. And make sure that you make it up to the other person no matter what.
  3. Some commitments are emotional. You have to respect them. And there will be instances where you will eff things up. That’s to be expected and is totally okay, so long as you’re not ignorant about it. Go the extra mile to make up for being unable to keep your word. Even if it takes a lifetime to do so.

That my friend is what it means to make a commitment.

It’s one of those small random acts of kindness that will build your character over the long haul. Do it. It’s good karma.

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