Combating post-travel fatigue

At the end of a grueling 2-week business/personal trip, I think I’m half dead. At least that’s how I felt when I finally reached home at 5 this morning. Since I really don’t have time for all the drama that comes with travel (fatigue) I decided to try something different.

  1. Cancel all my appointments (just a couple of meetings thankfully).
  2. Post-pone half of my tasks for tomorrow and the other half for next week starting Monday.
  3. Skip my usual caffeine fix in the AM.
  4. Turn off my phones.
  5. Slept for a solid 7 hours.
  6. Woke up and had a super-light lunch.
  7. Slept again till 6 in the evening.

I’m still groggy but way lesser than usual. Had a normal dinner and will be hitting the bed in another hour so that I’m able to wake up early tomorrow. Naturally, of course.

The key is to give yourself enough time to recover. Most of us, particularly the ambitious type, don’t. That’s a bad strategy is going to bit you right in your ass.

There are other strategies to consider while traveling across timezones. I looked up a few resources and found these useful links:

How to Shake Off Post-travel Fatigue and Get Back to Real Life in Record Time Super practical insights. My own routine has been partially inspired by this piece. Can’t wait to apply the tips when I travel abroad some time this year.

Seven Signs You Are Suffering From Travel Fatigue. I honestly don’t if this is you, but this piece definitely speaks to me. And it kind of made me realize I get fatigued quite easily during travel. One of the other hacks I’ve tried is to hit the gym as soon as possible (if not the same day, the next day but after ensuring I have a good amount sleep).

Why You Feel Lousy After a Long Flight — And What You Can Do About It. If you travel often, this is a great read. Highly practical and goes a little deeper than the other posts I shared above.

I don’t know about you but I’m taking a break from travel for the next 6-8 weeks. The first two months have been pretty hectic and it’s time that I settle down for a bit and focus on the flow of the world around me than being in the flow myself.

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