If ‘they’ aren’t ever up to the mark, it’s probably you

Everyone’s got that one boss/client/teammate/acquaintance or two that are basically a pain in the ass. They will test your limits, patience and perpetually question your worth as a human being. Think I’m kidding? Well, you probably haven’t been around much lately. Just ask!

While I seriously don’t have a clue how I would deal with them, I do know that when push comes to shove I’ll either quit my job (if I have one) or just fire that client/teammate/acquaintance (if I have one). And if this hyper type-A personality happens to be you, I only have a few words for you:

  1. They’re trying hard. To make you look good (in front of your stakeholders), please you, get their work done and get out of your hair!
  2. It’s not that they don’t get you, they do. But you don’t get them that’s why you keep repeating the same things and expect different results.
  3. You aren’t the only one who’s stressed — they are too! And if you think about it, you’re probably the source of stress for like a dozen associates who’re working with you.
  4. Everyone around you is talented. Just like you. The best amongst us have a way to the talent and use it in a way that benefits us all. And I’m pretty sure that can’t be you.
  5. It’s unfortunate that not everyone knows how to handle high maintenance personalities. The ones who do are mostly spineless morons waiting for you to either die or fade away to dust. (Harsh, but true.)

I think I have much more to say but I’ve covered enough ground for tonight. I just might get back with more! But would that matter? I’m really not sure. If only reading a blog post or an article on HuffPo was enough to change attitudes and hearts.

I believe there’s a little good in all of us. And each one of us deserves to be treated kindly from that little good in all of us.

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