When you’re working on Sundays…

… you’re simply doing what a professional does — be accountable to the duties and following through on what’s expected of you. And yes, this is different from #hustle though the essence of it is all over the place.

I was 22 when one of the human resources professionals in my company told me this: “A professional doesn’t run by the clock but by his/her duties.” While I partially disagree with the statement, it has stuck with me for life! If you’ve worked with me or know me, I don’t run by the clock. I live and work by the priorities I need to focus on.

And that’s where the disagreement comes in — my duties don’t drive me but what’s truly important to me drives me. I have a duty towards my family, society/community, my clients, employers, nation and maybe even the whole of mankind! What I’ve realized over the years of trial and error is that you simply can’t fulfill all of your responsibilities. And as much as I would like to, I can’t. It’s just too much!

That’s the reason why we are forced to narrow down on our biggest priorities in life. The functions I mentioned above are all part of my life’s priorities but then there are sub priorities I need to focus on in order to make progress in any given area. It’s like a typical approach to project management — if you think everything is important, nothing is.

So, here I am working over the weekend with some of the most committed professionals I know. I’m away (at least mentally) from my family but still trying my best to give a little bit of me to make my presence felt. It’s hard but that’s what a family man has to do. Try harder.

And as a professional, I think I’m doing a decent job. Of course, I can definitely get better with more experience. But until that time I just need to keep showing up and give my best.

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