Learning how to move well

A bunch of friends and I struck up a conversation about movement patterns (because one of them had a query about an instructor’s certification program by an organization that we haven’t heard of) and how effective they for the layperson who would like to be more mobile and agile. Not to mention the benefits of an athlete or a fitness enthusiast can have if used in conjunction with their training regime.

The challenge, however, is choosing the right system that’s the best. And I believe that isn’t quite an accurate way to look at it. There are no right or wrong systems but just the ones that you like or work for you. Once you’ve identified that, you begin your journey to go deeper into it.

I also love this take by the iconic Steve Maxwell


He says you should move like a baby! And that’s a school of thought I prescribe to because it just made a lot of sense. Here’s the system that he’s talking about:

Steve Maxwell’s BJJ Mobility: 15-Minutes for 15 Years

Yes, it’s (sort of) specific to Brazilian Ju-jutsu but it sure can be incorporated for any type of training. I tried Steve’s method for about a quarter of a year before switching to another system — because I don’t like to do mobility drills for 15 minutes — that was shorter and much fun. And that’s what I follow now and firmly believe to be an absolute game-changer if used properly.

It’s called Original Strength (OS) and you can literally learn the whole thing from a book (Amazon link)! Or attend one of their workshops (in my list of things to do next year).

By the way, I am neither affiliated to Steve Maxwell nor Tim Anderson (the co-founder of Original Strength).

If this makes you curious, check out these videos for more details. This short demo of OS is a great start.

Original Strength Body Reset (short demo)

And here’s Tim explain what OS really is.

Original Strength Training System – What is the OS training system

I hope you enjoy these. I highly encourage you to pick up the OS book by Tim. It won’t cost you a cent if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription or just about five to six bucks if you want to buy a Kindle version. I really would love you to learn and practice this system (and yes, you can learn it off the book as well!) because I am confident it will change the way you move. It has surely helped me loads!

Keep moving, fellas!

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