Learning can be fun if we infuse some creativity into it

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I learned that in grade school (and so did you, I know) but besides the boring theory and lame demo of the practical application (both of which I don’t remember) I never understood why would anyone want to learn that. Of course, now I know… to pursue higher studies in Engineering or Physics (the super-nerds would) and then switch to writing books or stand-up comedy!

Alright, I’m kidding. Partially.

I believe learning should be fun and thankfully, we have up and coming concepts that educators are keen to implement. Years ago, Khan Academy popularized the idea of a flipped classroom. It was an instant hit. And it’s more so relevant now, thanks to technology.

Of course, we still have to make the classroom interesting. Particularly when it comes to demonstrations, which I believe can be so much more creative and interesting.

Found these uber-cool videos by Joseph Herscher (through his very popular YouTube channel Joseph’s Machines), a kinetic artist who specializes in making comical chain-reaction machines, that I believe aren’t just funny but educational if put to good use. Heck, just watching this makes me want to pick up one of Richard Feynman’s books!

I think science can be much more interesting… we just lack the creativity to make it more fun. I’m just so glad some of us are trying hard.

This guy’s a genius!

The Lunch Feeder

I’m going to try this next time I’m getting late to work.

The Dresser

If you’re too lazy to get your butt off the chair…

Pass the Salt

I hope you enjoy these and if you do, don’t forget to subscribe to Joseph’s channel. It’s pure fun!

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