Charge a premium? Why the heck not?

You’ll need money to both survive but thrive. And I think each of us can thrive if we muster enough confidence to charge a premium. If you feel that’s “easier said than done,” let me tell you, it’s all about your mindset and that’s the one filled with fear (of failure and whatnot), doubt (in your own abilities), and underconfidence in general. You can argue as much as you like, it’s the truth and the sooner you snap out of it the better.

I’ve met tens and hundreds of creative artists who’re willing to work for pennies instead of charging their work’s worth. One of the primary drivers is the “I’ve got bills to pay” dilemma. That’s a legit one but I feel that’s one of the challenges you’re better off getting a job and working for someone else than yourself. Build your business on the side and scale it up as you deem fit.

The challenge with charging ultra-low to get business ruins the marketplace and everyone’s expectation. The clients then expect you to lower the price because they know that you know that they have other options to consider for almost the same stuff (quality-wise) you can deliver. And that might not even be true but who’s going to argue? We want the job/project/opportunity after all and moreover, it’s just one project. Once they get to see your work and know how creative and industrious you are they’ll be willing to pay you more. Right? Well, that’s a BS! You know that.

Let’s be honest — marketplaces have ruined industries for both the right and wrong reasons. There are still clients who would be willing to pay you so much more than the average client (and most of them are average) but they’re hard to find. Grabbing their attention takes a lot of time and effort but I believe it’s worth giving a try instead of working for pennies for that shrewd client who would still whine about the quality of your work.

As a creative (or otherwise) entrepreneur, I think it’s your right to charge a premium for the services that you provide. So long as it’s coming from a place of confidence than doubt (“let me try this out and see if it works”). If you know your stuff and if you can add value, why the heck not?

I think it’s the fastest way to get fiscally healthy and achieve the lifestyle you truly have wanted to live.

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