Too much on the plate!

Almost everyone gets to a point of overwhelming exertion to cry this one out loud, right? While for most people, it is only a phase there’s a chunk of global population for whom this is a lifestyle. Mine included.

We don’t just say we’re busy, we actually are busy. And when we say we’re focused, we’re talking about the dozen priorities in life and the other dozen that we’ve made a priority. It’s the whole thing. Always.

Honestly, I can’t help but think about that day when I’m not juggling with so many things at once. (Got goosebumps just writing that line!) While I personally think it’s okay to be like that, I don’t appreciate losing focus at the expense of conquering the world. And that is often one of the biggest complaints of multipotentialities. We don’t want to be generalists but specialists, generally.

One of the most effective ways to make some space in your proverbial plate is to get another plate — an empty one, of course. Once you have, transfer the content from the overloaded plate to the empty one. Not everything, just the one that you’re going to eat right now. That’s the only way to having all those delicious cakes and eating it too! (Man, I’m hungry now! I think fasting is making me brood over food a little too much!)

And our lives work exactly like that! Multipotentialite or not, you’ve got to analyze on all that stuff you’ve got to do and focus on just the ones that you do right now (which could stretch to today, this week or even this month). Once you’re through with your project/priority (or whatever made you pull your hair and scream out loud) you rinse and repeat. It’s that simple.

Sure, you’re never going to see your plate a little less loaded, but at least now you can not just stare but eat it too! This isn’t minimalism but essentialism amidst all that chaos that’s so much part of our lives. The former is hard to achieve but the latter is simply a choice you can make right now.

Now, let me get back to my plate.

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