Choose your clients wisely

The best way I know to separate yourself from everyone else is to narrow the scope of your target audience. Yes, like the minimum viable audience (MVA) but not exactly. Why? Because even your MVA will have a bunch of bloodsuckers who hate to pay money for the value you provide. It’s quite possible because stupidity and idiocy don’t have boundaries. They exist. Freely. And one of them could be your next client!

Would you want to work with them? Sure, you can if ‘getting your foot in the door’ is important to you. But my experience has reminded me time and again that becoming desperate is almost always a bad strategy. Of course, that’s a generalization but I would rather wait than being ripped off by some dude(tte) who can’t differentiate value from money/budget.

Is there a better way? I think so. Do it for free or charge them a bomb. Trust me, you don’t need that many clients. Just a better story that impactfully conveys the value proposition your product or service delivers. That’s it! Anything over and above this is an overkill. I don’t care where did you get your marketing degree from, if you’re getting ripped off by uneducated/mindless clients, it’s your fault. Always.

And if you think this is a radical approach and isn’t for everyone, I would agree. It’s definitely not for you. But then, I’m not the spending a lifetime dealing with energy-sucking vampires.

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