It ain’t that bad as you think

Waiting in the queue at the hospital takes a lot of patience. And, unfortunately, I’ve got the “p” word in limited supply. So, I went against the grain today. Gritted my teeth and waited patiently for the 6 people in front of me to get done with their paperwork.

After 37 minutes of patiently waiting, I finally approached the counter… only to be pushed aside by this burly guy who had a query (and wasn’t part of the 6 who were in front of me). I was this close to the finish line and yet so far! And to my dismay, the clerk behind the counter was a Zen monk in business formals. He listened, responded, handed over a stack of papers to sign in and politely asked Mr. Burly to step aside so that the “gentlemen can get his stuff done.”

“Finally!” I passed on the sheet of paper I had in hand. He reviewed the document, signed it, stamped it and passed it right back! That’s it! I was done in a minute! Didn’t care how long I had to wait until I got there. I was free to go!

I quickly rushed to my car, turned on the ignition and thought of ordering food so that it gets delivered just a few minutes after I reach home. I had some leftovers but not enough to satiate me (I’d barely eaten the whole day!). And the food got delivered just when I unlocked the door. It’s a great feeling when someone hands you a fresh hot food packet when your famished and too tired to cook.

I took the package inside. Quickly showered and got ready to attack the dining table but then remembered to pull out the container with leftovers and put it into the microwave for a while. I opened the refrigerator and to my horror, there was nothing!

Man, I was angry! I went back to the dining table, literally burning with anger, to eat what I have (which was so little). I open the hot package and ate it all in like 4 minute and 13 seconds! And then I waited. Nothing. Hell didn’t break loose and the world was still in one piece. Armageddon wasn’t coming after all.

I reflected on the evening that just went by and the emotions that I experienced. Almost all of it was unnecessary and didn’t really matter at the end. I got my paperwork done at the hospital as perfectly as I ever could. The long queue wasn’t my fault. I had a fulfilling dinner despite that I’d totally forgotten about the leftovers and ate comparatively lesser than usual.

At the end of the day, as I write this in bed, things aren’t that bad after all. They’re just bad relative to how we react to the situation.

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