You gotta have faith!

Loved listening to Logic and Chris Zarou’s story on NPR’s How I Built This. It’s inspiring to her these two seemingly different individuals coming together for something greater. They bootstrapped using social media and the power of “free” (by distributing free music). And all of that lead to the release of Logic’s first mixtape in 2010, “Young, Broke & Infamous.”

It’s a riveting story but the most important learning from this conversation is basically just a reaffirmation for me. You have to have faith in yourself, your cause and give it all to that cause. Success, almost always, follows.

And I guess that’s where most people miss out on. They give up way too soon. I believe when things begin to seem hopeless, one should strap on the seatbelt because the journey has just begun.

Listening to the interview made me search for Logic on Spotify and YouTube and boy, this guy is basically a modern-day philosopher using music/rap as a medium to spread his message of hope. Listen in to the breakout single “1 800 273 8255” from his third album, “Everybody.”

Can you relate? Or perhaps with one of your loved ones?

Logic – 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid
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