Should you pivot?

My response is almost always, “NO.” Because I know, while the temptation of changing course is real, there are no guarantees the new pathway will lead you to success. One of the fundamentals before even considering a pivot is to ensure that you’ve checked all the marks for your business’ position, strategy, branding, marketing, and most importantly talent.

You can’t expect your business to run smoothly should any of the aforementioned elements are missing. Fix that and try again before changing course other wise you will simply repeat history. Why? Because you didn’t learn the first time.

Of course, I’m cognizant of the limitations that are just as real as the possibilities. To that extent, I understand. But I still don’t feel pivoting is the only way to go. The big question is this — what else can we do that we haven’t considered yet? It’s a powerful question, yet most will ignore it because they’ve already made up their mind.

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well, we all know what happens when you cross the river. Don’t we? Business is exactly like that, except sometimes things can work out for you. But that’s rare.

I believe we shouldn’t let go unless it breaks. I know that sounds outlandish and it very well might be, but I believe you can’t half-ass your way to success. You have to give it all before calling it quits and actually considering your Plan B.

Call me old school, I think pivoting is a way to chicken out of your challenge and relying on hope as a strategy. And we know how that works out in life.

Does this sound overly simplistic to you? If yes, well, you better consider this question — what else can we/I do that we/I haven’t considered yet?

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