When you just don’t feel like it

I’m not sure if I’ve hit a wall or something but of late it seems like I don’t have it in me to do anything but worry about work, health and life in general. Of course, a creative outlet is so much welcome when the mind’s occupied with all that negativity. Which, is why I show up everyday despite how I feel.

One of my favourite recommendations to almost everyone I hire (mostly creative folks or ones with a marketing background) is to either have a side-hustle or a side-project to keep them motivated. And guess what? Most already either have one already or are seriously considering it but are hesitant to bring it up until I do. Boy, you should see their faces! Most of them are surprised!

My reasoning is pretty simple — you’ve ought to have a creative outlet that allows you to think outside the box (your workplace or those routine projects you’re assigned to work on) and satiate your desire for thrill and change of pace. And it totally works! It certainly has for me and some of my friends who have serious projects outside the workplace.

For some nerds, like yours truly, just one project doesn’t do. So they opt for two, three, four or even five projects! Now, that’s not normal but if makes you happy, why not?

Some of my best revelations and reflections happen when I’m engrossed with something totally different from the biggest challenge that’s consuming me. (You won’t believe me, I just had one. Aha!) It’s just magical to my heart, soul and spirit.

If you’re working 9 to 5, great! Find something meaningful to do post 5 pm. You can certainly do it with your significant other but try to carve out time for yourself. Something that just you do for yourself. It could be as simple as going to the gym and implementing the lifts that you’ve been observing and learning off of the YouTubes. Or volunteering at a non-profit. Or writing on your blog post or taking interviews for your podcast. Or cooking healthy keto compatiable food!

I was crazy enough to consider applying for a rally car driver’s license this evening. It was a passing thought but I spent a good 45 minutes brooding about it… but better sense prevailed and I decided otherwise. I would want to be able to train with barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight for the rest of my life. Perhaps, I’ll seek something else. For now, my hands are full anyway.

How about you? Let me tell you, TV/Netfix/whatever media (you’re addicted to) is a waste of time. And there sure will be days when you just won’t feel like it. Don’t you want to have to something to do for those days?

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