Encouraging them to do the things they don’t want to

It’s a tall order. And not every supervisor, manager or leader is up to it because it takes real skill, charisma, and influence to have people roll up their sleeves and get to work. Particularly when they don’t like it or worse, hate it! I also think ‘command and control’ is primitive and leaders of today should know better.

It is irritating to hear cases where a client is literally screaming and yelling at the service provider for an error that can be fixed with a simple tweak (which isn’t the provider’s fault in the first place) or when a manager emails or messages an associate to shape up or ship out. I’m not suggesting who might be at fault here, no, but I’m questioning the approach, which is grossly ineffective. Come to think about it — ineffectiveness is the whole reason why there’s a mess in the first place. Would having an ineffective approach help? I don’t think so.

What gives? Of course, talk it out. But that’s easy and most people do a bad job at that. I suggest you listen. Deeply and more intently. Perhaps more than what’s comfortable for you because when you would only listen if you would care. And that is a game changer. Employees/team members open up and almost always go the extra mile for people who deeply care about them.

We talk about creating a ‘human-to-human connection’ but fail to capitalize on the opportunities that these daily challenges bring to us. Influence isn’t built overnight but overtime. And irrespective of who you are as a person or a leader screaming, shouting, yelling and threating will only take you so far, but not far enough.

I hope you’re listening.

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