Self-censorship: from rock ‘n roll to rap to video streaming

Watched this awesome short documentary by Vox Media on “the devilish history of the explicit lyrics sticker.” It’s fascinating to learn that some of my favorite rock bands were the reason behind the ‘explicit lyrics’ sticker that you will find in like 90% of the music albums today. (And now even comedy albums!)

What’s funny is that while hundreds of people committed suicide (no offense to the dead or their families) the media still blamed the artists for these deaths! I mean, come on! It’s not that the artists were handing over their albums to these teenagers or their parents (one of whom bought Prince‘s Purple Rain as a gift to her 11-year old [or 8-year old?]) kid)! also, whatever happened to the freedom of speech?

Music gave these kids a sense of freedom and belonging. And yes, some of them were in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble. One day they just snapped. That’s exactly what happened. The parents never bothered about their troublesome kids who needed them or perhaps some counseling that would keep them together. Yet, they would like to sue the artists for embedding secret satanic verses in their lyrics?

Honestly, it’s idiotic.

We’ve had something like this for streaming platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime in India. The government wants to “prohibit content that shows a child ‘engaged in real or simulated sexual activities’, is disrespectful of India’s national flag or encourages ‘terrorism.’” Yeah, why not?

Instead of coming up with these ridiculous claims why don’t we encourage self-censorship? People can use their common sense and logic before choosing what they want to watch. How hard would that be? If parents are concerned about exposing this ‘type’ of content to their kids, they can stop subscribing to these platforms or refuse to give pocket money. Impossible? Well, then stop whining. Your kids aren’t that innocent as you think they are.

And I don’t even understand why is this even a topic of discussion in the highest of our courts? Why can’t we take steps to educate or counsel our kids? If it’s difficult, how would censorship help? Has that approach ever worked with a drug addict or a criminal in the making? We know the answer to that, right?

I believe a little bit of self-control and respecting an artist’s freedom of expression is the key to a more liberal world.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s that documentary by Vox on How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker.

How heavy metal and Satan gave us this sticker
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