Please do everyone a favor

One of my biggest peeves is watching idiots train at the gym. I’m not talking about the ones who’re struggling with weights or are weak or are just learning (under supervision). I’m specifically impressed at these overconfident and flashy folks who would hoist a kettlebell all the way to their necks or squat with a camel-hump like back or do funny moves with absolutely no control over their body or the weight.

It’s damn risky.

And here’s what infuriates me (when I intervene, which is often… I’m not the moral or gym police but I can’t see people getting injured or setting the wrong example for the ones who’re just starting out) — I ask them (something like) “what made you do 30 reps for 3 sets instead of 5-10 for 3 sets?” They would almost always respond, “To burn fat and calories. I’m a trainer and I have been doing this for years.”

That’s a red flag. Don’t walk, run away from that conversation. I do. Because I don’t see a point. You can’t better stupidity.

Fellas, YouTube isn’t a university nor is it an accrediting institution. It’s a good place to learn stuff but you better do it the right way and definitely not call yourself a trainer. Because you’re not!

The best coaches are the greatest learners you will ever see. So, when someone stops you at the gym, know that they’re doing it for a good reason. If you’re a trainer or have been doing this for a while, you better come up with a concrete (a scientific or biomechanical or physiological) reason that makes sense to the ones who actually have the knowledge and experience.

If not, please do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up! And most importantly, learn from others. They probably know it better than you.

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