When the going gets tough…

You start rolling with the punches. And that’s what life is all about.

Ever had a setback? A minor one? I’m sure you have and that hurt a little, didn’t it? Over the course of your life, you might’ve had many or like some lucky souls (and you gotta be really lucky for that), just a few. Either way, we’ve got our own way to cope with all that stress. Don’t we?

Some start to eat more. Some spend more (I used to be that). Some stop talking. Some stop listening. And then there are some, who just give up on life. That’s unfortunate.

I’ve always believed in the unbelievable powers of perseverance. It’s stunning to see what you can achieve if you can just believe in yourself or the fact that “this too shall pass.” I know, I know, that’s a ‘religious’ thing but I want you to think beyond that. Because there’s so much truth in that phrase. Our brains are wired to misjudge and miscalculate, which can sometimes push our buttons and we panic.

The real challenge lies in coming out of that state of shock and disbelief. And it just gets harder as we go deeper in the denial mode. If you’ve ever over-gripped something (anything at all) you either end up breaking that thing or hurting yourself. That’s precisely what the state of denial does to you. It has a strong grip on your emotions making it hard for you to release yourself.

One of the earliest strategies I learned while practicing jujutsu was that a loose and relaxed body almost always wins. Professional athletes spend a lot of time harnessing the power of tension while being their supple best. It comes with practice but the key isn’t power or tension, the key is being ‘loose’ and ‘supple.’

That principle has a great carryover to our lives and the way we think as well. Instead of reacting to a situation and getting into a panic mode, we have that brief moment to pause, reflect and divert our attention to deliberation. And I believe that’s the most transformative moment in your life as a being. You will not only free yourself from a potentially stressful (and possibly lethal) state to liberated state where you know exactly what can you do in that situation or at the very least what you should not.

That’s a powerful realization. Something that has helped me a gazillion times. Not that I’m perfect but I’m much aware and much alive because of this practice.

Remember that the tough get going because they know how to roll with the punches.

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