And you thought your job sucked?

Almost everyone I’ve ever met has hated his or her job at some point in time. It could be the one that we’re holding on to or perhaps the one we had 15 years back. The feeling’s universal.

I remember listening to motivational tapes (yup, tapes… before the CDs got more affordable, which was before digital audio killed them all!) on positive thinking. And I got to tell you, none of those tactics or strategies worked. Thankfully, I worked on influencing what I could — my time and my choices — and moving on to better opportunities.

But that’s just me. I knew and still know folks who would give everything to do their ordinary jobs extraordinary well. A big shout out to Jason Kottke for sharing this in his blog earlier today. I rewatched each and every clip in this thread a bunch of times before realizing I could very well share it with you here.

I hope you enjoy it. And if you do, don’t forget to share it further. Click here to view the entire thread, trust me, you’ll be blown away!

Source: Twitter, Kaitlyn Reed — Ordinary jobs done extraordinarily
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