Spoilers ahead!

I hate it when people spoil it up for the less fortunate ones who couldn’t or weren’t able to watch an important movie on the very first day. We have jobs to do and families to take care (or save the planet?) of after all!

Even the best movie-based theories on the YouTubes are explicit about the content they share. Over the years, “massive spoilers ahead!” is a universally recognized language for any movie fan. And I think that’s respectable. So much more than the bunch of (close or otherwise) friends who would ruin it for you cos they would wait for the movie to be available on Netflix!

That’s cruel and worthy of a conversation. I just did this a couple of hours back. I exited a WhatsApp group after repeated warnings. Nothing changed, so I had to with a simple message: “guys, add me back tomorrow evening after I’ve seen the movie.” Annoying. Right?

Of course, one may argue that spoilers don’t really spoil anything. They may be right but I think it takes away the element of surprise, drama, and climax of the movie. And you’d love to do that only if you were a buzzkill, a sadist or a total jackass! Now, which one are you?

Nuff said.

P.S. By the way, I found a website that does just this — shares major spoilers of each and every movie that you’ve probably seen… if you haven’t well, don’t check the website out. Since I walk my talk, I’m not going to share the URL here. Just Google it!

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