Random thoughts are for real

Bumped into a former colleague yesterday. It was a chance encounter but a good one nonetheless. It’s great to catch up with someone from work after ages! He was blown away with the things I have been doing lately (it’s the usual stuff that you know of… but folks these days get easily impressed with someone who does a lot more things besides work). I was flattered. Told him so and reassured it’s nothing extraordinary just going with the flow.

He did, however, had a recommendation for me (I should’ve seen it coming after all these years of…) — I should niche down the “content” on this site and focus only on one thing. It could either be marketing or recruitment or coaching or leadership development instead of “mixing and mashing” stuff. He mentioned that the audience just may get confused with my personal brand.

Simply put, he was a marketer trying to save a poor man from committing career suicide. I get it. God bless his soul.

But my take on “content” stems from the need for being authentic and for me that could mean letting the audience know that I’m a person with varied interests/specializations. And sure I can some times talk about totally random stuff (like the Marvel Cinematic Universe?) because I’m a normal human being and have a life. Doesn’t the audience deserve to know the real me? Why the heck do I have to cover myself up and showcase what’s the most “professional” version of me?

Even worse was one suggestion by a friend who asked me to do technology or online product (apps or martech services) reviews. She felt I could make thousands of dollars in a matter of months! Perhaps, she’s right. But is that who I really am? I don’t think so.

Which brings back to random thoughts — they just happen and god, there have been days when I have absolutely nothing “professional” to write because something else has been on my mind (like today’s post). And I love to share my thoughts and experiences with people. The classification of that “type of content” doesn’t really matter but being able to communicate an idea does.

And that’s precisely what I do here.

If someone were to ask me about the best strategy for a personal brand I would simply ask them to focus on expressing their true selves than impressing others with their polished-selves (I just made that up). That is the best way you can grow as a person and be of service to others. So much so that I’ve come to look at this as a thoroughly meditative form of personal development. It sure has helped me clarify thoughts and gain a better sense of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

Just saying.

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