Proof that you exist

We know there are myriad ways to establish your ‘presence.’ While most folks go the ‘social media’ route there are some who also opt for coaching. Both are an effective means to bolster your confidence and work towards bolstering your personal brand and presence on the platform of your choice.

This post, however, isn’t about your ‘presence’ or any other gimmicky way to prove that you exist or have arrived. It’s about stupid policies that corporates adopt to prove that you exist. Yup, you got that right, a proof that confirms your existence!

One of my friends recently carried out an audit of all her major fiscal commitments she’s had since January 2016. It was just out of the blue but the hope was she will be able to pin down the commitments she’s better without because cash is a valuable resource. Right? Anyway, she sifted through her documents and discover that she hasn’t paid the premium of a unit-linked insurance plan she has been investing since 2010. Missing a single payment is forgivable but for missing it for 3 consecutive years is unimaginable! Yet, it happened.

She called up the insurance agent for details and explained what had happened. The agent sent her details of the documents she will have to turn in, which included a full-body medical examination report (which was surprising, yet understandable) and… wait for it… A CERTIFICATE OF EXISTENCE!

What the hell is that? My exact question! To which my friend said that it’s a letter that literally says, “This is to certify that [Name] is alive and well.” And that’s it! I don’t know about you but I found it extremely amusing. Picture this — thousands of dollars are at stake and to get your hands on them you just need to turn in a piece of paper that says, “yeah homies, I’m alive!” It’s that simple?

The incident reminded me of Mark Twain’s quote, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” When I was growing up, I imagined myself using this line someday, if given an opportunity. My friend’s so darn lucky! She got to use a version of it at least. Can’t tell you — us humans can get envious at the stupidest of things!

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