Focusing on agility

I don’t think I’ve ever been an agile/mobile/flexible athlete. My body’s been always so rigid and inflexible even when I was playing sports (soccer, football, and cricket) back in high school. And I guess, this runs in the family — my son’s just like me and I need to work with him to improve his overall agility so that he’s able to participate in sports.

All that is good but I can’t ever be an effective coach if I can’t demonstrate “how things are done.” Add to the fact that being agile hasn’t really killed anyone, I think it’s just about time to seriously think about working on my overall mobility, flexibility, and agility. It’ll only make me a better amateur athlete. And yes, a great coach and role model to my son who needs one at this phase of life.

I’ve been researching a bit about this for the past couple of days now. You know I’ve been practicing Original Strength (OS) for some time now. It’s a fantastic program but I’m looking for something that goes beyond the basics and explores the range of movements that will help me. I’ve come across two such programs that can be highly beneficial for the cause. If you’re keen, please don’t hesitate to sign up for an upcoming workshop in your area or order a resource from their stores. It will be worth the investment.

  1. Flexible Steel by Jon Engum. It’s a fantastic program. I’ve bought the book and DVD. It’s a great system and is a fantastic way to warm up for your core training and/or use it for cooling down from a hard training session. I was first exposed to this program last year in South Korea during the SFL cert and I’ve been hooked ever since. I almost always default to this when I’m not doing OS resets.
  2. Animal Flow. I heard about it a few weeks back in a group discussion. The folks there were talking about signing up for this program since it was held locally. I let my ego come in the way (not really, but I was really stupid for…) and didn’t sign up! I missed on a great opportunity to learn a system that’s a whole-darn workout by itself! I’m not sure when’s the next session happening in India, but not likely sooner. Thankfully, they have a video version of the core movements that’ll serve as a great foundation in the interim.

As usual, I’m endorsing these products because I believe they’re the best systems out there that can save your lives. I truly believe that. (No, I can’t really say which one’s better — they’re both good and have their unique value proposition. You should ideally buy both.) Go ahead and explore. The idea isn’t to restore your youthful agility, more power to you if you’re able to though but to learn to move freely again. Without those niggles and knots that seem to run all through our bodies lately.

I’m doing relatively okay right now but lack of agility/mobility means that I’m prone to injuries more than that regular person who doesn’t know how to lift weights but is naturally flexible. Since lifting heavy is my end goal, I have to ensure that I am proactive about this and am able to fix an issue that just might ruin my career for the worst.

Enough for the day. Let me stretch-out and hit the bed now. 😉

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