Yet another minimalistic training routine for the lazy professional

I’ve been doing some thinking. My evening training (with kettlebells) are mostly suck due to lack of energy. After much research and discussion with some of my peers (who’re experts in strength & conditioning) I’ve come to a conclusion — sleep more and definitely don’t skimp on eating well.

The latter is much easier than the former — given my priorities and focus on excellence on almost every freaking thing that I lay my hands on! Since I can’t really do anything about my OCD I had to come up with alternatives, which included the following:

  1. 6 hours of sleep at night (minimum, more the merrier)
  2. An hour-long nap after I come home (or perhaps two 30 minute naps)
  3. Stop minding the clock during weekends
  4. Have two scoops of whey with coffee as my evening pre-workout shake

I’ve been following this for the past three weeks and it has worked quite beautifully. The only thing that needs to be done from hereon is simplifying my routine further and make it more specific to my training needs/goals. So, I modelled my most recent version after Dan Jon’s Easy Strength routine (he has an Even Easier Strength version too but I quite love the 40-day workout version).

Here’s the structure of the program:

6 basic movements

  1. A Large Posterior Chain movement – I choose Double Kettlebell Front Squats and Bodyweight Pistol Squats. I plan to alternate between the two but will be doing Pistol Squats for the next four weeks as I’m yet to master the cleans. (I injured my left tricep and elbows practicing them.) (2 sets of 5)
  2. Upper body push – I’m going for Single-arm kettlebell press and One-arm, one-legged (OAOL) pushups. My focus will primarily be on the OAOL pushups as my morning training already has overhead presses. Don’t want to overwork those muscles. (2 sets of 5)
  3. Upper body pulls – The bodyweight tactical pull-up is the best exercise in this category. Sure, there are other options too but I might as well master this than anything else. Will be adding kettlebells once I’ve progressed well as the reps will start to feel easy (2 sets of 5).
  4. A Simple Full-Body Explosive move – I’ll be alternating between 2 handed swings/one-handed swings and snatches (10 sets of 10 reps). The aim is to have two snatch sessions, two one-handed swing session and one two-handed swing session. I’ll be switching the one and two-hand versions every week. Doing 10 reps for 10 sets for snatching will be impossible for me right now. But I can definitely start with 5 reps and work my way to 10 reps before moving to a heavier weight.
  5. The Loaded Carry – the Turkish Get-up will be the best exercise bar none for this. Farmers walk will be a great alternative but the evening workouts are meant to be ‘easy’ and refreshing than anything else. (5 sets of 1)

The original program also has an “anterior chain” move (abdominal exercise) for which I will go for a hardstyle sit-up (2 sets of 5). But then, I just might move it to the morning session. The idea was to do 5 exercises but I’m already doing 6 of them!

Besides the plan above, I will be squeezing in single-arm and double cleans (not more than 5 reps each side) practice per session. I should ideally do it when I’m fresh but choose not to since I don’t want to risk screwing up the whole session. Would rather do it when I’m tired but since the reps are low (just 5 each side or in total) I’m bound to make all of them count. Worse case scenario, I’ll screw it up… but then I can always ice it immediately after.

That’s it! A simple plan for the lazy working professional. The best part about this program is that you can do it anywhere! Literally. I would switch out exercises 4,5 and 6 for an anterior chain move (the hardstyle sit-up) and have a complete bodyweight program by itself! And mind you, these movements aren’t about reps but about proper execution which will give you a near-powerlifting style of workout.

Now who wouldn’t want that?

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