Are you happy with your physique?

One question that drives droves of people to the gym each and every morning. It’s also something a trainer asked me this morning. At first, it kind of stunned me because nobody has ever asked me this question (not that I look like a Greek god or something). I instinctively responded, “I honestly don’t give a crap about my physique all that matters is how strong I get every day.

A fitting response because that’s my truth. Yours may vary and that’s okay but you’ve got to know why that is. My rationale is pretty simple: have you found anyone ever who’s happy with their physique? If yes, for how long? Chances are not that long or perhaps taking care of themselves is all that they do, professionally.

For the ordinary working Joe (like you and me), body composition is important but only after general fitness and strength. The ones with OCD (like yours truly) go the extra mile and focus on pure strength training or muscular sculpting but that’s quite rare. Also, the latter comes at a massive price tag — your health, thanks to anabolic steroids.

I’ve been thankful for the training, knowledge, and wisdom from proven schools of thought that focus on a stronger person than someone who’s obsessed with their body recomposition. The fact is your physique is a byproduct of how you train. Strength training gives you a stronger and fuller look compared to training for hypertrophy. The end goal is different.

For years, I’ve eaten like a bird while training for strength. Why? Because I was stupid. My gains weren’t impressive but it changed when I started to eat, albeit normally, which I’m quite happy with. I don’t have the 6 or 8 pack abs that everyone wants… but I’ve got a strong core. Stronger than that dude curling 15-pound dumbells. For me, that’s what matters.

Yes, there’s a lot of BS about gaining strength and losing fat — it’s very much possible but I would rather gain as much strength as I can before I focus on losing fat. Our society is obsessed with multi-tasking. And not everything can be done using that approach. You will have to focus. The simpler the approach the more effective it is.

One magical thing about strength training is that it will increase your appetite leading you to not just gain weight but your overall strength as well. And all of that will have a positive effect on your body composition as well. But you’ve got to be patient for that and not be afraid of gaining weight. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.

My belief is that strength can last much longer than your muscles. Without anabolics or other chemical enhancements. You just need to know how to train right and when you do, your body automatically goes through a recomposition that looks much healthier than otherwise. Sure, it wouldn’t look like it’s carved out of stone but you would just be as strong as one.

Isn’t that something to crave for? Take my word for it — it’s quite doable. You just need to set your priorities right.

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